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Privacy statement

  • The personal information of its members, including the Member's name, e-mail address, phone number, gender and age, and so on can identify an individual customer identities. Comparison with other data to identify an individual, who data.
  • % of the company may by fax, e-mail, direct mail, telephone marketing and /Or other communication form, or send an e-mail address directly to the members. If members opt out of receiving promotional, simply notify us, we will stop the implementation of such promotion.
  • We do not rent, sell or disclose personal data to non-this group of companies of other companies. In addition, when using personal data if it is necessary to go beyond the scope of the established purpose, we will seek the consent of the members separately.
  • The Corporation, or will the Member's personal data provided to the company belongs to the Group of other companies.
  • The company ask its members to provide personal information, tells the members of the use of personal data. Through the membership before collects the customer's personal data.
  • Members to access, correct or stop using their own personal data, we will follow up promptly. However, after receipt of the request, in order to put an end to impersonatea inspection and disclosure of personal data to the appropriate method to confirm the identity of the requester.
  • From members collected personally identifiable information, we will do our best to be managed properly to prevent the leakage or loss of data or content errors, and so on, the company will be dedicated management of personal data, in addition to striving to maintain and improve the -related management style, the kowlooncanton, you will also implement data security methods to ensure that personal data security, the prevention of illegal personal data was read in, or leakage from being altered, lost, and so on.
  • You can amend this policy from time to time. When we use the personal information in making large changes, we will post a notice on a Web page, notify you.