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New Member Register - Terms and Conditions
  • This terms and conditions is configured under the concerns of PRICELESS.COM.HK and any of the users of the website, regarding to any kind of activities and responsibilities that may cause in between.
  • User must read through this terms and conditions before register.  Once registered, PRICELESS.COM.HK will assume the user is agreed to follow the restrictions.
  • User must provide a valid email address, and the requested personal information for registration.  All these information are restricted for PRICELESS.COM.HK related activities only and will not be disclosed to any others.  If the provided information are duplicated, or suspected fraudulent in any concerns,  PRICELESS.COM.HK reserves the right for the final action.
  • If an user does not agree with any part of this terms and conditions, one should not proceed with the registration process on or attempt to go through any purchasing process.
  • User must properly registered on our website and moreover must logon with the corresponding personal account for any ordering or purchasing activities.
  • User is responsible for keeping their account information as confidential.  Any activities occurred under the corresponding account will be assumed as the actual intention from the account holder.  User should inform administrator of PRICELESS.COM.HK immediately if there is any third party related account intrusion noted.
  • PRICELESS.COM.HK is a open platform providing services including queries, search, browse, and to obtain any of the information regarding to the coupons, vouchers or products.  We will not intervene between the users and suppliers on any other aspects.  All the coupons and vouchers maintain by its own set of terms and conditions, as we do not modify or add any further restrictions thus we will not responsible for any kind of disputes. 
  • PRICELESS.COM.HK reserves the right to modify any contains of the website, including the present layout and function.
  • All the information and contains are legally owned by PRICELESS.COM.HK.  User should not copy, remove, distribute, or modify any of them under any circumstance.
  • PRICELESS.COM.HK reserves the right to amend any information and contains of the website, and will not responsible for any losses that may occurred.
  • User should report to PRICELESS.COM.HK if any illegal events or fraud activities were found from our product supplier, we will terminated all kind of information and promotions related to this supplier.
  • PRICELESS.COM.HK reserves the right to terminate any user account without notice.
  • PRICELESS.COM.HK reserves the right to amend this terms and conditions without further notice.  If one does not accept the amended terms, one should inform PRICELESS.COM.HK within 7 days for service termination.  Any user who persists on using the provided service after this period should assume their rights being compromised .
  • Should any errors occur during the ordering process causing by system and hardware failures, neither PRICELESS.COM.HK or other third-party networks, PRICELESS.COM.HK will not be responsible for any related losses that may occurred.
  • All the terms are individually constituted, and there are no connection in between regarding to the validity.
  • All coupons are non-refundable.  In event of any disputes, PRICELESS.COM.HK reserves the right of final decision.

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