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Japanese Wakayama Peach 1 Box (About 5kg, 11-13piece) Presale

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  • Wakayama peach peach degree of about 13 degrees peach, soft white flesh, fruit juice, taste unforgettable
  • Every year in July and August, when it is due, the quality of flesh has absolute confidence.
  • Every step of fruit planting is carefully handled and rigorously tested by the Japan Agricultural Association (JA)
  • Direct shipment from Japanese farms to Hong Kong ensures fresh


In the summer, it is the season of Japanese peaches. As the saying goes, we are not the only ones to eat in the first place in July. Of course, it is the peach of Wakayama prefecture. Wakayama, which is one of the largest honey peach producing areas in Japan, benefits from the high quality water and good brewing of the Jiji River in the river and the warm and warm climate. It has always been a sweet and delicious honey peach. As for the peaches of other Japanese counties, they were harvested in late July. Therefore, the peaches produced in other counties on the market are relatively small, and the quality is also more varied. You, of course, know how to choose sweet and juicy Wakayama. Peach, soft and smooth, the ripe flesh can be eaten, and the smell is full of people's love.

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